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Metal construction


         Close cooperation with leading design and installation companies in Uzbekistan allows you to fully support the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures of any complexity.

           Production of metal structures can be carried out according to the drawings, the customer or individual projects of our company.

             Metal structures are popular in the construction markets today due to their low prices and high capacity. The metal construction process allows the construction of large blocks, which is significantly accelerated. The use of metal structures, due to their small size, easy to install and extremely durable, designed for long-term use. L-R-B-CONSTRUCTION LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality metal structures in Uzbekistan.

        Our company offers a comprehensive approach to the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures of any complexity.

            The list of services includes:

         1. Development of metal structures: from design to creation of KMD drawing according to the customer's wishes.

   2. Manufacture of metal structures: metalworking, painting of metal structures, etc. L-R-B-CONSTRUCTION LLC specializes in the production of the following types of metal structures: poles, columns, crossbars, floor beams, racks, masts, builders' houses, boilers and compressor stations.

         3. Installation of metal structures: our specialists work in a reliable, high quality, adhering to all the rules of fastening and safety of metal structures. We can make the necessary changes to the project as quickly as possible and with minimal financial loss, with the practical assistance of our experts. Thus, we work closely with customers at all stages of production of metal structures.

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Construction, installation and maintenance of equipment.
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